Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jake and Gary

 Jacob Edward Peavy played 8 and a half years with the Padres and has been with the White Sox for 1 and a half years.  He has not pitched much with the ChiSox due to injury, he was traded in July of 2009 and pitched in 3 games the remainder of the season.  In 2010 he pitched in 17 games before suffering a detached latissimus dorsi muscle in his back.  At this point it looks like the Padres got the better part of the deal, but I guess only time will tell.  Jake signed this for me through the mail.  Gary George Pettis made his major league in 1982 with the Angels and ended in 1992 with the Padres and Tigers.  I remember him mostly with the Angels.  He only played for the Padres for thirty games.  I got this card on eBay.

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