Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Marty Barrett

He played 9 seasons with the Red Sox and 12 games with the Padres. He would have had a World Series ring except for Bill Buckner and Ray Knight. He was drafted in 1977 by the Angels, in 1978 by the Mets, in '78 and '79 by the Red Sox. He played from 1982-90 in Boston, playing in three league championships and the 1986 World Series. Marty was released in December of 1990, and by the Padres in January of 1991, then released in June of 1991. He only had 16 at-bats in 1991. He finished his career in May of 1991, with a .278 batting average.

I got this 91 Leaf card from ABC Limited.

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