Saturday, November 29, 2008

Glenn Beckert

Glenns' 1974 Topps card isn't really a Padres card, but it is a strange card. Before the '74 season C. Arnholt Smith was going to sell the team and there was a chance that a group was going to move the team to Washington so some of the team cards are titled, Washington Nat'l Lea. Plus to top it off Beckert is shown in a Cubs uniform since he was traded during the offseason.

Beckert was signed by the Red Sox as an amateur free agent before the 1962 season. Then he was drafted by the Cubs from the Bosox in the first year draft. He played ten seasons for the Cubs and then was traded to the Padres with Bobby Fenwick for Jerry Morales. He played his final game April 28, 1975 and was released by the Padres the next day.

I purchased the 1975 Topps signed card from ABC limited in Arizona.

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Johngy said...

Beckert was very underrated for the Cubs. I am not saying HOF, but a darn good player for a long stretch.
The other point of note is that despite being traded in the offseason, his card still (sort of) reflects his new team. That tells you how late the cards used to come out.