Sunday, November 23, 2008

Billy Bean

This was one of the most difficult autos I have ever obtained through the mail. I had mailed requests to Mr. Bean using addresses through Smallings' and Musselmans'list. I read his book and wrote to his publisher, then I found a way to email him and emailed and explained that I was a Padres collector and was only getting the auto for myself, telling him how extensive my collection was. He emailed me and told me that he would sign it for me. I sent him the card, the sharpie and the self addressed stamped envelope and he signed it and here it is.

Billy was drafted by the Yankees in '85 in the 24th round but did not sign. He was drafted by the Tigers in the 4th round of the '86 draft. He made his major league debut the following year with the Tigers. In 1989 the Tigers traded Billy to the Dodgers for Domingo Michel and Steve Green. He played in 51 games with the Dodgers and then in '91 was drafted by the Angels in the minor league draft. He was released by the Angels in '92 and signed as a free agent by the Angels. In '92 he played for the Kinetsu Buffaloes in Japan. Later in 1992 he was signed as a free agent by the Padres and played three seasons in San Diego.

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