Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The Light by Tim Flannery

This is the newest CD from Tim Flannery, yes the Padres player and coach and the Giants third base coach.  This is the 13th CD from Tim, I started listening to him when he gave me his  second CD,  Secret World, at the Kingdome in 1997.  I had sent Tim a mixtape of surf tunes for his birthday and I saw him after a game in Seattle and he went got it off the bus for me.  Tim has a bluegrass sound with Irish influences.  He has written many of the songs that he sings.  He got Jake Peavey started playing guitar and singing.  They used to sing together in hotel stairwells.  All the income from Tim's concerts and CD's have gone to help Bryan Stow, the Giants fan who was beat into a coma outside Dodger Stadium and The Love Harder Project.  Tim's music is available at CD Baby and also at his website Tim  I recently completed my run of his CD's when I found his first one on eBay.  I really like his music.  


Fuji said...

Looked up some videos on YT. Just watched him perform a song called Hillbilly Rain. I liked it. I'll pull up some more songs to listen to tomorrow.

Bulldog said...

Thanks for sharing. Did not know he sang. Quick YouTube viewings yep he is pretty good.