Friday, May 3, 2019

An Upgrade and 7 New Padrographs

#1075 Luis Torrens.  I had a card from Venezuela of Luis and I decided to upgrade to this 2018 card.  Luis played in fifty six games for the Padres in 2017.

#1140 Jose Castillo.  I picked this card up on Ebay recently. Jose pitched in 37 games for the Padres in 2018.

#1141 Owen Miller.  Owen was drafted in the third round in 2018.  He is currently playing for the AA Sod Poodles.  Picked this up on the bay.

#1142 Andres Munoz.  Andres was signed by the Padres in 2016 at age 17.  He is currently 20 years old and is pitching at AA Amarillo.  Purchased this card on ebay.

#1143 Ronald Bolanos.  Ronald is a 22 year old Cuban in his third year in the Padres system.  He is pitching a High A Lake Elsinore this year.  Another pick up from ebay.

#1144 Jawuan Harris.  Jawuan was drafted in the seventh round of the 2018 draft.  He is currently playing at A Ft. Wayne.  Another card from ebay.

#1145  Mike Gallic.  Mike was drafted in the eighteenth round of the 2011 draft.  He played two years in the Padres system and then a year of independent ball.  I have written him and looked for signatures on all kinds of sites and found this in person signature on Sports Collectors.  

#1146 Clint Barmes.  I found an address for Clint on Sports Collectors net and sent this and a Pirate to Clint.  It took just sixteen days to go to Mead, Colorado and back.  

I just need four more Padrographs to get to my goal of 1,150 this year.  

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