Friday, May 17, 2019

Frankenset Cardboard Update

Last Saturday I went to the monthly card show in the neighborhood and I found someone selling autographs for $1 each, so I took my place in front of his box and started going through it.  I picked up 23 autographs for my Frankenset.  The show was also good in that I picked up three of the five cards I needed to finish my 1952 Bowman's U.S. Presidents set. 
Now to update the frankenset.
#15 W.P. Kinsella is the author of Shoeless Joe, the book which was adapted into the movie Field of Dreams displaced a Warren Newsom minor league card.  I will have to find a different Newt card for the set.  
#24 Dennis Dixon former Oregon Duck quarterback 
#25 Olympian Jake Dalton completes the second page of the set.  So far only the first and second pages are complete.  
#73 Keith Ballard the Florida Panthers will reappear later in the set also.
#86 Clint Irwin keeper for the Toronto FC
#98 Landry Jones, who signed in March of 2019 with the Somewhere Raiders
#99 Matt Mitchell who was formerly with the Royals.  There are way too many Matt Mitchells involved in baseball to figure out what he is doing now.  
#100 Bernardo Flores was drafted by the White Sox in 2016 and is currently playing in their system.  
#105 Franklin Stubbs, I need signed cards even if they are Dodgers. Additionally this card has a cameo by future Hall of Famer Bruce Bochy
#114 Bip Roberts is a player I saw play in High School, the minors and the majors.  Plus he is one of the coolest people ever.
#120 Da'Rick Rogers played for the Colts in 5 games in 2013
#126 Adam LaRoche is also a relic card, see what you can get for $1 these days.
#141 Paul Davis played for the Clippers and Wizards in a 4 year NBA career
#155 Jordan Todman played in the NFL from 2011-2017
#157 Danny Brewer played minor league baseball from 2008-2013
#171 Martin Nance played in one game for the Vikings in 2006
#180 Darius Earvin Johnson-Odom played in 4 games for the Lakers and 3 games for the Sixers between 2012-2014
#229 Michael Bowden played in the majors from 2008-2013 for the Red Sox and Cubs
#236 Derek Holland has played in the majors since 2019 and is currently playing for the rebuilding Giants
#239 Cecil Butler in 1962 and 1964 for the Milwaukee Braves

#245 Matt Barkley is a quarterback with the Buffalo Bills
#252 Pat Neshek Phillies pitcher, former Padre, baseball card collector and friend to autograph collectors.  I got this one through the mail earlier this year.
#256 Patrick Turner played for the Dolphins and the Jets between 2009 and 2012
#268 Wendell Mathis was drafted by the Vikings but doesn't seem to have ever played
#411 Scooby Wright III has a great name and played with the Browns and Cardinals in the NFL.  He played for the Arizona Hotshots in the short lived Alliance of American Football league.
#451 Bud Black is currently managing the Rockies and is a former Padres manager and former major league pitcher.
#505 Keith Ballard from the beginning of the set makes an appearance as a member of the Canucks
#571 Cliff Speck is from Portland.  I used to have an autograph of him in my Oregon collection before I sold it.

The Frankenset page is now updated

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Fuji said...

Nice to see you got Neshek to sign his famous Heritage card. Very cool.