Monday, May 27, 2019

Some Gave All

Normally on Mondays I would write about new Padrographs but on this Memorial Day I would like to share the story of David Weisenburg.  David would be 41 this year.  I knew David from Church, he was in high school and I was on high school staff.  David and his friends, Emily and John, liked my wife and I for some reason.  Once when we came home to a new place there was a birthday cake for me inside.  We never did figure out how they got inside.  They later told me that they thought about TPing the inside of the house but decided not to.  They once forked our front lawn and TPed the tried in front of our house.  Our oldest son had a Tony Gwynn growth chart in his room and the high school kids used to come over for game nights.  I know David and John both marked their heights on it.  We still have it somewhere.  We would play cards at our table and David would cheat.  Everyone knew and David knew everyone knew.  One night he laughed and threw his head back and hit the wall, a little later, still sitting in the same place he did it again.  
David graduated from high school and a little while later he enlisted in the Oregon Army National Guard.  They were deployed to Iraq.  In August of 2004 David, a Sergeant,  came home for his sisters wedding and talked about going back.  When he was asked why he was going back, he said it was because his guys needed him.  David returned to his unit.
On September 13, 2004 David Weisenburg and Ben Isenberg were killed by an improvised explosive device.  My oldest son, Daniel, found out and came and told me as I was getting ready for bed.  I did not sleep well that night.  This is the closest person to me to have been killed in wartime.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of David and what his family goes through daily.  His birthday, the day of his death, Memorial Day and so many other days are constant reminders of the price that some pay for the actions of others.  On this day remember those who have paid the ultimate price. 
Don’t tell me you know how I feel

Cause only I know how I feel

And I’m not sure

Don’t tell me they’re in a better place

A better place to me

Would be with me still

Don’t tell me there is a reason

If there is tell me what it is

I need to know

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Fuji said...

Very touching story. I've had several buddies enlist and serve our country. All of them came back, so I can't say I know anyone personally who was killed in action. But my father's friend and his two brothers were part of the 442nd regiment during World War II. He'd talk about the war every now and then, but one time we talked for over an hour and he just opened up. Even after 60+ years, he still had nightmares from his experiences in Europe. The thought that he volunteered to fight for our country even after seeing his parents and siblings thrown into an internment camp really makes me think that him and his brothers were real American heroes. I am truly grateful for all of the other men and women who have served in our country's armed forces.