Friday, May 10, 2019

Frankenset Update

#62 Paul Overstreet displaces Padre farmhand Danny Payne.  Years ago Paul played a concert here in Portland and we joined his fan club.  We didn't know person signing us up was his wife.  She took us and introduced us to Paul.  It was a thrill to our boys who were both under ten at the time.  They are 32 and 29 now.

#70 Nate Jaqua.  Nate went to the same high school as I did, South Eugene High School.  Nate was a few years behind me.

#153 Sean Morey.  I am trying to get as many different types of cards in the set, so here is one from the NFL's European League.

#175 Mike Moore,  I used to like the Sharks best, but now I am a Wild fan.  I think San Jose has the second best logo in the NHL.  Plus I need a few die-cut cards in the Frankenset.  

                                                                            #220 Neil Johnson.  Another attempt to get more leagues involved in the Frankenset.  Neil Johnson played for the ABA Virginia Squires.  

#327 Neil Lomax.  Neil is a local player that I met once. I had a signed Sports Illustrated poster of him for years.  

#353 Sean Morey, see card number 70 above.  I thought it was going to be easier to get cards for this set, but I have not been having much luck of finding signed cards inexpensively so I have abandoned my rule about duplicate autographs.

The Frankenset Page is updated.  

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Bulldog said...

Nice Neil Lomax as well as the others.