Friday, May 24, 2019

Frankenset update

This week just two additions to the Frankenset. #75 James Lofton of the Green Bay Packers was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2003. This is one of my favorite Topps football sets, 1985.  I purchased this card on Facebook from a member of a through the mail autograph group.
#284 Mark Grant, this picture is Mud being Mud and clowning around.  Can you believe that Mark Grant was drafted in the first round of the same draft that Tony Gwynn was drafted in the third round.
Mark is currently a member of the Padres TV broadcast team, teaming with Don Orsillo on the broadcast on Fox Sports San Diego.    
I had forgotten that Fleer put the members of a team all together, so now I am looking for more 1988 Fleer Padres cards for the end of the set.  

The Frankenset page is updated


Fuji said...

Lol. I bet Grant likes to tell his grandchildren about the whole draft thing. As for Lofton... I loved that guy. He's my 2nd favorite wide receiver behind only Largent.

Bulldog said...

Lofton is one my all-time favorites. Great auto. Definitely an awesome story...I was drafted before Tony Gwynn...