Thursday, May 2, 2019

Frankenset Pages 57-60 UPDATED

Former Padres pitcher Andy Benes has been joined by a couple of other pictures of pitchers.   #513, Rick Waits, had a twelve year  major league career and is here on a 1976 SSPC card with Cleveland.  I wanted to have as  many different brands as possible in the set and I really like the SSPC set.  #530, former Padre Dave Dravecky has gotten me to break one of my rules for this set.  I had said no doubles but since my youngest son is named for Dave Dravecky I decided doubles would be okay.  

The Frankenset page is updated.  


Fuji said...

I've been wanting to add a Dravecky autograph to my collection for years. Can't believe Topps hasn't gotten him to sign for their Archives Fan Favorites set yet.

Brett Alan said...

The SSPC set is awesome! I’ve got a few (don’t think I ever saw them at the time) but would love to get more.