Thursday, May 9, 2019

Custom Cards

Mike Johnson is Padrograph #891.  I  just realized that I only have Mike on this 1974 error card I made.  I think I only made 3 of them back in my very first time making cards for Mike. I first made cards for Mike back in 2015.  Prior to my friend an autograph dealer getting Mike to sign some 4X6 photos many people did not believe that Mike had ever made it to the majors.   Mike only pitched in 18 games for the Padres in 1974, after that he never pitched professionally again.  From what I understand Mike now has a pest control company in Arizona.  Since he only pitched in 18 games, he doesn't qualify for an MLB pension.  Since I made these Mike has ordered about 600 cards, about every two months he orders 45 more cards.  Once he was being inducted into his high school's Hall of Fame in Minnesota and ordered 99 cards to take with him.  He always orders in multiples of 9 cards because that is how many I can get on a sheet.  


Bulldog said...

That's a cool card and even better story.

Fuji said...

That's pretty cool that a former Padre orders custom cards from you. That's quite the honor.