Friday, May 31, 2019

Bookmarked heroes

This is a series I started last year that I call Bookmarked Heroes.  I have two of the cards signed.  I have made multiple copies of each card and hand numbered on the back.  I typically ask the author to sign one and give them the rest of the cards.
Gregg Hurwitz, is the author of the best selling Orphan X series.  Evan Smoak is a former covert assassin who now helps those who have nowhere else to go.  He has also written for both Marvel and DC, writing both Batman and Wolverine.  He was a student of Jordan B. Peterson, author of 12 Rules for Life, and incorporated some of the rules into the Orphan X series.  I got him to sign a card at an event at the Coos Bay Public Library last year.  
Marilyn Weisenburg is a friend of ours who wrote a book about her experience dealing with her grief upon the death of her son David in Iraq.  I wrote about David on Memorial Day.  For me this was a difficult book to read because he were friends and experience most of the aftermath.  I felt like I was unable to breath as I read the beginning of the book.  I had to put it down to regain my composure before I I could pick it back up.  I don't have a  copy of this signed because it feels strange to ask a friend to sign something.  
John Larison is the author of Whiskey When We Are Dry.  It is his third novel, although he thinks of the first two as practice.  He was a former fly fishing guide and the first two books are about fly fishing.   He is currently a professor at Oregon State University in the writing program.  I emailed and asked him to sign my copy of Whiskey When We're Dry, he agreed and I sent him the book and some cards and asked him to sign one and he did and sent them back.
Carla Hayden is the current head of the Library of Congress.  She was nominated by President Obama and is the first woman and first African American to hold the position.  These are currently in the mail.  
Here is what the back of the John Larison card looks like.  I use the book icon to number the cards.  

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Fuji said...

Very cool. A few years ago, I started collecting autographs of my favorite authors. So far I've picked up Lois Lowry and Judy Blume. Next on my list is acquiring a signed copy of Holes by Louis Sacher.