Saturday, May 25, 2019

Roster Mosaics

On Saturdays I will be featuring my roster mosaics.  I did these to see whose signature I was missing from each years active rosters.  This will take almost a year as there are 50 seasons of Padres to cover.  In 1969, The Padres inaugural year, there were four-two different players on the roster.  I have all but two signatures for 1969, Dick Kelley and Roberto Pena.  Dick Kelly I have a signed index card and will be customizing the 1972 card to insert that.  The Roberto Pena card has a signed version on eBay for $135, an amount I have never paid for a card, signed or unsigned.   There are six customs that I made and one that I found on eBay.  The Francisco Libran card was on eBay and the design is from the Topps website.  Joe Niekro, John Sipin and Sonny Ruberto are customs I made and inserted cuts into.  Chris Krug and Leon Everitt I got signed through private signings and the Van Kelly card I tracked him down in North Carolina and sent it to him. 

Well after I wrote this I made an offer on the Roberto Pena card and it was accepted.  I still haven't spent over a hundred dollars on a  card.  

Question for you:  Should I bounce around through the years or just do them in order?

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Fuji said...

I think your Padres autograph collection is insanely awesome. Can't believe the vender is asking $135 for a Pena autograph. Sad that he passed away at such a young age, but that seems really, really steep. As for your question... I'd probably say out of order just to see some different faces every now and then.