Friday, February 1, 2019

Upgrading Padrograph #506, New Padrographs #1123 & #1124 and Christmas Pack #31

 Cameron Maybin, was one of my earliest attempts at a custom card.  I used a photo from Photoday and sent him the card on the right.  He signed it and sent it back.  Somewhere along the way it lost the back. When I had the opportunity to upgrade it I did.  I had the chrome card for awhile but it had fallen behind a book case and I just found it yesterday.

I was checking out the Padres card an autograph dealer had and somehow I found two cards I did not have. Richard Steik, played for 4 seasons in the Padres system between 2004-2007.  Played two games at AAA.  Chris Kolkhorst, played for 5 teams in two years (04 & 05) in the Padres system. 

This is my favorite pack of Rockcards so far, because it features Diamond David Lee Roth.  This pack also features more people that I have heard of than any of the previous packs. 

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Fuji said...

Lots of big names in that pack of Rockstars.