Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Christmas Pack #34

 I will never get all these packs documented if I just do one pack a day so I will try and get as many in as I can.  Today another of ProSet Musicards, legendary bands & solo acts.  The Doors, Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek and friends gave us too many hits to name.  Kool Moe Dee was one of the first rappers to win a Grammy and was the first rapper to appear on the Grammys.  He had a long time feud with LL Cool J, who KMD thought disrespected those who came before him.  LL is now more widely known as an actor having played former Navy Seal Sam Hanna on NCIS:LA for 10 seasons.  Vanilla Ice, will always be remembered for Ice, Ice Baby and (at least in our house) for Ninja Rap from TMNT.  Last time I saw him he was a contractor and had a remodeling show on HGTV, I think.  Janet, Miss Jackson if you're nasty, emerged from the shadow of her brothers, The Jackson Five to become a superstar on her own.  George Michael, left Andrew Ridgely and Wham behind to have a successful solo career.  Would he have been as successful with the success of Wake me Up before you Go, Careless Whisper and Everything She Wants.  Who knows for sure?  POCO came out of Buffalo Springfield and begat Loggins & Messina, The Eagles, and Richie Furay.  Jimi Hendrix, is one of the greatest guitar players of all time,  my personal song of his is the Star Spangled Banner, performed at Woodstock.  To me it embodies so much of the time.  I have never heard of Forbidden of Vio-Lence.


Brett Alan said...

Man, I haven't heard of Forbidden or Vio-Lence either, and I usually know every music act that had success in that era. Now I want there to be a band called Forbidden Of Vio-Lence, though.

GCA said...

I'm looking for some series 2 singles from these if you have any or know someone. I've got some extra Brockums to trade. My lists are here: Email at QAPLAGCA at yahoo.

Fuji said...

Love the Vanilla Ice rookie card!