Friday, February 15, 2019

Christmas Pack #41

Does this pack expose the identity of the second spitter?* 
We have a pack in which I have heard of everyone, which features two Hall of Famers, two Padres players and a Padres coach.  Keith Hernandez is featured with hometown favorite Dale Murphy, while Tony Fernandez (Padres player) Cal Ripken (HOF) and Alan Trammell (HOF, Padres coach) are featured on another card.  Andy Hawkins represents the third Padrograph that is represented in this pack.  


Fuji said...

Although I couldn't tell you much about half of these guys... I've heard of all of them except for Terry Harper. Not sure I've heard of him.

Bulldog said...

Great pull and I really like this design. I busted a lot back in the day. Too bad Hernandez junks up that Dale Murphy card. Just kidding. Good stuff.