Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Christmas Pack #42

A pack where the majority of cards were not dupes.  I got my den arranged to a point where I can sort cards into sets.  So after this week I will be opening packs to complete sets.  Frankie Valli was popular in the 50's and 60's and has made a comeback of sorts with the Broadway play and a movie Jersey Boys.  Dick Clark was often referred to as the Eternal Teenager, til he passed away at 82 in 2012.  His name still graces ABC's Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve.  Most of The Coasters hits were written by the team of Leiber & Stoller.  American Bandstand ran for 37 seasons, all but 5 of those seasons were hosted by Dick Clark.  Melissa Manchester has had a string of hits for years, although I know her acting better than her songs.  Gloria Gaynor had a big, big hit with the song I Will Survive, which seems to appear in lots of movies, TV, commercials and even video games.    Ray Stevens is mainly known as a singer of novelty songs, although he has had a few songs that were not.  Lou Rawls had a great voice for R & B, he also appeared in films and TV.  He is featured as a backup singer for B.B. King in Blues Brothers 2000.


Bulldog said...

Nice mix of great artists.

Fuji said...

Can't see Valli's name without December, 1963 popping into my head!