Thursday, February 7, 2019

Christmas Pack #36

That top row of players rings no bells at all.  Everyone else I had heard of or remembered.  Andres Galarraga was one of my sons favorite players for awhile.  I think I read a book by Frank Tanana once.  Walt Weiss was the third AL Rookie of the Year for the A's back in the '80's.  Tony Gwynn I had the pleasure of meeting once or twice.  I got to sit and hand him stuff for a couple of hours at a card show in the early 90's.  John Kruk ain't an athlete, he's a ballplayer.  He and Tony were roommates in rookie ball. 


Fuji said...

That's awesome that you got to spend a couple hours with Mr. Padre. He's my all-time favorite athlete... but I never had the pleasure of meeting him.

Bulldog said...

Met Tony Gwynn? Sweet. That's career highlight right there. Good cards. Just can't look at Charlie Leibrandt without remembering the walkoff homerun he surrendered to Kirby Puckett in game 6 of the Braves-Twins World Series. . Good post