Tuesday, February 5, 2019

New Frankenset

I have decided to start a new Frankenset.  I might actually like this one.  It is going to be an all autographed set.  This is the first card in the set, #19, Tony Gwynn.
Here are my rules for this set.
1.  Real autos
2. Have a card number, not a couple of letters
3. Be numbered 585 or less.  585 is divisible by 9 so it will fit exactly in sheets.  (I upped the number to make sure I got the 88 Fleer Flannery in the set)
4. No dupes, unless it is Tony Gwynn, Tim Flannery or Bip Roberts.
5. All sports, non sports, signed custom.  So if you have a custom of your own and you sign it and send it to me I will put it in the set.

So far I have two cards in the set, #19 Tony Gwynn and #63 Huey Lewis from ProSet Musicards.

Here we go.


Jason said...

I really like this idea; always thought of doing something similar. I have a ton of extra TTM autographs if you'd be interested. Send me an email: jasongerman9 [@] yahoo [.] com

zman40 said...

Great idea!

Fuji said...

Great project. I'll definitely be able to help you out.