Thursday, February 14, 2019

Christmas Pack #40

Proset Musicards come through with a pack containing only two bands I had never heard.  I would think that if you haven't heard of  most of these people you weren't a fan of contemporary music in the 90's.  Bobby Brown helped found New Edition when he was nine years old.  He went on to a solo career and married Whitney Houston.  Vanilla Ice costarred in a Ninja Turtles movie.  I will always remember Simple Minds because of Don't You (Forget about Me) from The Breakfast Club.  Eric Clapton was featured in the movie, Tommy and is a legend amongst guitar players and music fans.  He has sung in many bands and had more hits than I can think of.  Al B. Sure was a hot R&B singer.  Madonna was the favorite musical act of one of my coworkers. Madonna has had more hits and more personas than many people.  She has reinvented herself many times to stay relevant in the music industry.  The Alarm started as a punk rock band called The Toilets. They opened for U2 and Bob Dylan and built a following.  Off the top of my head I can't name any of their songs.  U2 was introduced to me by my younger brother, he is seven years younger.  He got to see them for 92¢ when they were first coming to the states as a promotion with one of the local radio stations.  I have liked most of their music, some of the stuff in the middle years I didn't like so much.  I have never heard of the final two bands perhaps they should tour together and it would be the Giant-Trouble tour.  


Bulldog said...

I remember Giant. They had a moderate hit with I'll See You in my Dreams. Trouble I've never heard of though. You can never go wrong with Vanilla Ice! Great pack.

Fuji said...

Never heard of Giant or Trouble either. The rest of the pack is rock solid though.

Brett Alan said...

Love The Alarm. Saw their lead singer with a bunch of orchestral musicians a number of years ago, and then later he played an un amplified acoustic set for some fans. It was an amazing day. If you want to throw your fists in the air to a stirring anthem about the urgency of nothing in particular (The 68 guns will never die! Come on down and take a stand!) you can't do better.

Giant was pretty much a Bad English ripoff, or at least their hit was.