Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Chirstmas Pack #45

I tried fixing my computer the other day and I mucked  it up and just got a new computer yesterday.  Scott Ian's picture is one I have seen multiple times. The next person I know is Jon Bon Jovi , then Graeme Edge of Deep Purple.  I have met Melvin Brannon, he and the rest of the Dan Reed Network were at a radio station the same time I was at one point.  The sticker is a dupe and I still like Motley Crue. 


Fuji said...

That Ian is awesome! Off to go listen to Bring The Noise.

Bulldog said...

That's a great Motley Crue card. Warrant is an all-time favorite and Bon Jovi is great as well. I had the Dan Reed Network album. Loved their "hit" Ritual. Great stuff.