Friday, January 14, 2011

Mike Scioscia

Mike Scioscia was one of the harder Padres cards to get signed.  He went to spring training with the Padres in 1993 but suffered a rotator cuff injury and didn't play at all that season.  In 1994 he signed with the Rangers in an attempt to play again put couldn't recover from the injury.  Mike will always be thought of by me as a member of the Dodgers, no matter how long he manages the Angels.  If the Angels ever let him go, the Dodgers need to name him manager as soon as possible.  Mike played for twelve years behind the plate for the Dodgers from 1980-1992.  He caught two no hitters, one from Fernando and one from Kevin Gross.  He went and learned Spanish so that he could more effectively communicate with Fernando.  I sent this card to Mike multiple times, never receiving it back, I finally found this one on eBay.

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zman40 said...

Great card. I had no idea that he had cards of him where he wasn't a Dodger (not counting his manager cards).