Thursday, December 17, 2009

Padrograph update

The Padres have been in the news, Adrian Gonzalez perhaps being traded to the Red  Sox Nation for Clay Bucholz and Jacoby Ellsbury.  That would be cool, since Jacoby is from Oregon and I watched him play at Oregon State University.  The Padres haven't been too busy but here in the Padrograph household it has been  busy.   We went out to a brothers in law house for Thanksgiving and had a great time.  The next day our 20 year old son, David was involved in a five car accident.  A gentleman, 82 year old, rear ended our mini van and pushed it into the three cars in front of him and then denied responsibility.  So we have been playing with insurance companies for the last couple of weeks.  Then the weekend of the 4th our furnace decided to stop working.  It got down into the teens that weekend, so we slept fully clothed with lots of extra blankets on the bed, the fireplace going most of the time and a couple of space heaters.  We were five days without heat in a house built in 1952 with no insulation.  We got our heat back on the 9th and everything was good, then on the 12th as we came back from a Christmas dinner, we hit some ice as we were turning into our driveway and ran into the rock wall in front of our house.  We were driving a rental car with no extra insurance, so we had to put out the $500 deductible.  Our church came to our aid and helped us out.  So it has been very busy the last couple of weeks here in the Padrograph household.  Thanks for those of you who have emailed and sent trades.  I will get posting again soon.


stusigpi said...


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madding said...

ugh... sorry for the lousy luck.

night owl said...

Wow. You've got some good karma coming now. I think you've reached your limit with the bad.

Orioles Magic said...

Good luck with everything Rod. I hope that Santa brings you some Padrographs that you need. Take care!