Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Missing Cub

The Missing Cub by Darcy Fast with Jonathan Kravetz; 2007; 239 pages; xulon press, Lakewood, FL; 978-1-60477-277-7; bought from Amazon when researching Darcy for another post; 12/29-12/31 God gave Darcy Fast a gift and a calling, he eventually figured out that they weren’t compatible.  Darcy wanted to be a major league for as long as he could remember, he never wanted to be a minister like his Dad.  The Yankees drafted him out of High School in Lacey, WA, but he did not sign.  He did sign with the Cubs, when they agreed to pay his college tuition and let him play when school was out.  He played 8 games in 1968 and then his major league became as he said “snakebit”, problems with draft boards and schools and teams lead him to retire voluntarily at age 24.  He felt Gods’ calling and for the last 30 years has been a Pastor in Centralia, WA.  This was an interesting read for several reasons,  Darcy is featured on a 1972 Topps cards with the Padres, even though he never played for them after being traded to them from the Cubs, he went to college at little Warner Pacific College, which we use to live within walking distance of,  to how his life took such a big swerve.  Good reading.

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