Thursday, January 9, 2020

My Musicstars, #9, Nu Shooz

In 1985 local Portland band Nu Shooz released their second album That's Right which included the single I Can't WaitThat year the single went to the Netherlands and came back with a dance remix.  The song was ubiquitous in Portland, it hit the Top 40 and was number on the Billboard Hot 100 in June of 1986.  Nu Shooz was a freestyle/R&B group with between seven and twelve members.  It was fronted by Valerie Day and her husband John Smith.  They are still in Portland and appear around town in various incarnations.  


defgav said...

Wow, I love that "I Can't Wait" song.. had no idea they were Portland based.

Fuji said...

It's 3:40am. I can't sleep. And now I have the beat to that song stuck in my head ;)