Monday, February 22, 2010

Spot the Sig-8th Inning-Clue

The contestant that correctly guesses this weeks auto will be rewarded with a Double! There will a clue every hour after 3 PM on Monday until someone identifies the signature. 
Clue No. 1-Author

These are the ground rules that I have stolen from Spot the Sig over at Phungo
  • Respond in the comments to THIS post.
  • Please put team you want to represent in your comment.
  • Only the first correct response will be awarded the weeks Hit.
  • Only ONE guess per person, please
  • If you choose to ignore the above rule, only your FIRST answer will be taken under consideration
  • Feel free to chat in comments, but please keep it clean
  • That pretty much sums it up
Each week I will try and come up with a bonus question that is related to the Auto, Baseball, Pop Culture, or is noteworthy or (more likely) completely unrelated to anything.

The bonus will be good for minimal value - typically a Walk, this will also give a chance for two winners each week.
Who was the first player drafted by the Padres in the expansion Draft?


Mark Aubrey said...

Ollie Brown was the first player drafted by the Padres.

Mark Aubrey said...

For the double... Gary Colt?