Friday, February 12, 2010

I Want to be the King of Leon!

Friends, Bloggers, Dodger Fans even, 
from San Diego to Boston, Vancouver to Miami, (even the UK)
send me your Bips, your Leons.  
Looking through my cards I find that I have some Bips, but not enough, there are cards of Bip on teams other than the Padres that I want.  Amazingly I have not yet been 'Bipped'.  Somewhere in all my stuff I have a page from a Padres program of Bip, which he signed while at AAA.  I worked as a volunteer for Young Life at Skyline High School during  Bips' junior year and saw him play baseball there.  He is back there now as the head coach of the baseball team. I will take any Bip Roberts cards that you have.  

As I was searching for an image to use in the post, I can across this signed card.  As I looked at the source, it is from a post at I heart Halos and it is a card that I sent to Ryan, because I knew he was a big fan of Bip. 

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RWH said...

When I saw the image I knew it looked familiar, I thought you had two identical autos. I feel honored to have been Bipped by you on more than one occasion before we even knew it would become a phenomenon.