Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jack, Lamarr, Walt and Trenidad

Jack Robert Howell is currently the hitting coach for the Diamondbacks, but back in 1991 he played in 58 games for the Padres.  He played 11 seasons in the majors, 1 with San Diego, 1 with Houston and 9 with California.  He also played for 4 years in Japan, where he hit for the cycle.  I think I got this signed card off of ebay.
Dewey Lamarr Hoyt was then 1983 American League Cy Young Award winner and part of the reason that Ozzie Guillen is the White Sox skipper.  Before the 1985 season, Ozzie, who had signed with the Padres at 17 and played for them for four years, along with several other players was traded to Chicago for Lamarr and several other players.  Lamarr played for the Padres in 1985 and '86 and then had a bit of legal problems. I got this off of eBay.

Walter John Hriniak only played in 47 major league games and only hit .253 but became one of the most influential hitting coaches in the game.  He played in 16 games for the Braves in '68 and '69 and 31 games for the Padres.  I got this card from ABC unlimited.

Trenidad Aviel Hubbard has 10 years of major league service, with nine different teams.  He played with the Padres in 2002 for 89 games and played some games that year in Portland.  I remember watching him play here, I got the card signed through the mail.

It definitely must be spring training I mailed out nine TTM requests.  7 to current Padres, 1 to Henry Blanco with the Mets and one to the Padres new GM Jed Hoyer.  We'll see how soon they arrive back.  

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Johngy said...

I miss the days of bb cards like Hriniak's. Simple and effective. I guess I am old.