Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Miscellaneous Giveaway #9

 Today's giveaway is an assortment of comics, first a DC/Marvel crossover featuring the Green Lantern and Silver Surfer.  The Lantern in this one is Kyle Radner and the surfer is Norrin Rand. 
Next up is four comics from the Amalgam Label, that is when the DC and Marvel superheroes were blended together.  These are from the second time it happened.  Lastly several of the first issues of Raiders of the Lost Ark in comic book form.
1.  The first person to respond that they want the item will be awarded possession of the item.  
2. You agree that you will not return said item to Padrographs (or any of any his known or unknown aliases.) under any conditions.
3.  I do not need any thing in trade for you to take possession.  I am trying to move things that don't fit my collecting goals, or items that I have duplicates of.
4.  It may take me a few days to ship the item due to my and my wifes work schedules but I will get them out as soon as possible.  
5.  After one week of being available said items will probably end up going to the Salvation Army. 
6.  New items will be posted each evening at 6 PM, Pacific Standard Time
7.   email me your address at Padrographs at live dot com


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I'll take them