Sunday, December 18, 2011

No More Pie for me, thank you!

Saturday afternoon I dropped by the LCS and picked up six packs of American Pie, 4 to open and 2 to put away for Christmas and my birthday.  Out of the 4 packs that I opened these are the best cards I got.  Many of the cards were of no one and celebrated nothing.  I got a card for the date that some computer determined was the most boring day ever, sorry if you were born April 11, 1954. 

Bing Crosby is a distant cousin on my Dad's side of the family so I am always looking for things of him.  I remember someone saying their wife really liked Lucille Ball.  Who doesn't like Rudolph (other than all the other reindeer.  The Hitchcock (you can see him if you squint, use a microscope and look at the lower right corner) manu patch is numbered 4/25.  I will probably put it on eBay unless one of you wants to trade for it.    The Johnny Cash and Richard Pryor Walk of Fame cards are pretty cool.  I am going to keep Johnny, but Mr. Pryor is available for trade.  Also if you are trying to build the set let me know and I will send you my singles.  


Hackenbush said...

Your bests are the best I've seen yet. I'm partial to "A Charlie Brown Christmas" but my wife also likes Rudolph.

The Dimwit said...

Rod, I would love to trade for that Hitchcock "O". Let me know what you'd be looking for in return! Thanks!

Play at the Plate said...

That was my wife that likes Lucille Ball. I'll send you something if you want to PWE it to me.