Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Gubernatorial Return #2, Governor Kate Brown of Oregon's Disappointing Return

This is the letter that I sent to Governor Brown of Oregon.  I said that I voted for her and that I lived in Oregon.  The fact that I voted for her would indicate that I was over the age of eighteen.  I also told her that I agreed with some of her ideas.  

This is the letter that I received in response.  I don't hold the Governor directly responsible, because I don't think she ever saw the request.  I think eg (the initials under the Governors signature)  took one look at Captain America and assumed the letter was asking for resources for a report.
The following two items were included but the cards I asked her to sign were returned unsigned.  They also kept one card, which I indicated was for her to keep, my pen which I also they could keep after using it to sign the card.  Also kept was the stamped self addressed return envelope that I enclosed.


 Next week a presidential candidate responses.

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Fuji said...

That stinks. At least she (or her office) sent you a signed business card. Are you going to make another attempt to get Brown to sign your custom?