Thursday, October 24, 2019

My Music Stars, #2

 Larry Norman is the artist I have seen the most times in concert.  Sometimes with a backing band, at least once with just a piano, once with just a guitar.  I saw him in Oakland, Portland and Salem.  His lyrics were often at odds with mainstream Christianity as he was something of a social justice warrior, before there was such a label.  I was able to take my sons to see him in concert one Christmas in Salem, shortly before he passed away.  My son had done a multi level stencil of Larry on a record and was able to give it to him at the concert.  Somewhere we also have an autographed copy of the record.  I own 3 LP's by him.  

Next week, the day I saw Freebird


defgav said...

Looks good. Gotta admit I'm only familiar with him because Frank Black often covered his song "Six-Sixty-Six" back in the late 90s/early 00s. I think I even have a live recording where Larry made a guest appearance.

Fuji said...

The only reason I'm familiar with Mr. Norman is because of your blog. I vaguely remembered a post you wrote about him a while back.