Monday, October 7, 2019

Padrographs #18, #19, and #936. Keeping it all in the family Part 1

#18, Roberto Alomar.  Roberto came up through the Padres system. He made his debut with the Padres in 1988.  He was a twelve time All Star during a seventeen year major league career.  He played for the Padres for three years.  He was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2011.  I believe I got this signed at a Portland Beavers game against the Las Vegas Stars.
#19, Sandy Alomar, Jr. Sandy also came up through the Padres system.  I have a signed cracked bat I got from him when he played for Las Vegas in Portland.  He made his major league debut for San Diego in 1988.  He only played in eight games for the Padres in his two seasons with them.  He was a six time All Star in his twenty major league seasons.  I know I got this signed at a Beavers game against the Stars
#936, Sandy Alomar, Sr.   Sandy was a coach for the Padres from 1986-1990.  So at one time there were three Alomars with the Padres. I purchased this on eBay.


Bulldog said...

Great cards. Always fun when you can nab autos from players in the minors like you did with the bat.

Fuji said...

Never realized Sandy played so little games for the Padres. Guess it was hard to crack the lineup when you have Benito standing in the way.