Friday, October 18, 2019

Frankenset Update 10.18.19

Bill Bergey I bought on eBay because I like old football cards.  Asa Hutchinson is the Governor of Arkansas and signed the front of the cards I sent him, with a nice silver pen.  The others were purchased for $1 apiece, from the same dealer that Gavin got his Kellog's cards from at the Mall 205 card show.  He used to have a couple of stores in Portland, now he is clearing his garage out so he has some great deals.  

The Frankenset page and wantlist are updated.  


Jon said...

Looks like old Asa has signed a few cards in his time, as he clearly knew exactly where to sign it, and what to sign it with :)

Fuji said...

The governor has a grat looking signature... and finding a guy at a card show with a box of $1 autographs would be a dream come true.