Sunday, October 6, 2019

1973 Roster Mosaic

  • Attending South Eugene High School
  • part time Axemen football manager
  • turned sixteen years old
  • Tony Gwynn turned thirteen
  • Tim Flannery turned sixteen 
  • Richard Nixon was still President
  • Roberto Clemente, Monte Irvin, Warren Spahn and three others inducted into the Hall of Fame
  • Don Zimmer managed the Padres to a 60-102 record.
  • Only missing one of thirty two Padres


Jon said...

It's not exactly related, but your post made me curious to know if you ever went to any Emeralds games when they were still a triple-a team?

Fuji said...

- turned one year old
- sucked my thumb
- cried a lot
- pooped in my diapers