Sunday, July 7, 2019

1970 Roster Mosaic


  • I was 13
  • we left La Palma, Ca to move to Pt. Sur, CA
  • I attended Buena Park Junior High and Carmel Middle School
  • It was only the second year of the Padres existence.
I am only missing three signatures;
  1. Ramon Webster and I just picked up a index card of him to make a custom card.
  2. Roberto Rodriguez, I looked at some index cards of him but not ready to shell out that kind of dough.
  3. Ron Willis, I cant find any signed anything of him.  
33 of 36 is not too bad, better than some of the more recent years.


Fuji said...

I was around 13 when I started officially rooting for the Padres. Good luck finding the Willis autograph... and an affordable Rodriguez for your collection.

Karan Rajput said...

Thanks for share this information
good morning images

Bulldog said...

So close. Hopefully the opportunity to pick those up will happen for ya soon.