Monday, July 22, 2019

Padrographs #14, #15 and #963

 #14 Darrell Akerfelds.   Darrell pitched in the major leagues from 1986-1991.  He was the Padres pitching coach from 2001 until his death from Pancreatic Cancer in 2012.  I sent this to him and got it signed through the mail.

#15 Sandy Alderson.  Sandy was the CEO of the Padres from 2005-2009.  I covered the Bazooka Joe name with a stamp of Marine Corps legend Chesty Puller.  Sandy was a Marine who served in Vietnam.

#963 Austin Allen.  Austin was drafted in 2015 and made his major league debut this year.  I can't remember how I obtained this, it may have been at a Salem-Keizer Volcanoes game.  

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Fuji said...

I remember Akerfelds playing with the Phillies back in the early 90's. Had no idea he passed away at such a young age. :(