Friday, July 12, 2019

Frankenset update

 #176, Mike Dupree, I just updated this card in Padrographs and I have two of them so I decided to use one in the Frankenset.
#296 Ron Cey, I just got this back in the mail.  I sent Ron four cards and he signed two and sent them all back.  I thanked him in my letter for sending the birthday card to Night Owl, but he didn't reply to that at all.  
#361, This one I bought on ebay.  I really like the '84 Donruss design and Ron Cey is a class act.  I noticed that the ones he sent back he put his number in the R but this one doesn't have that.  I wonder if he only does that on the TTM ones. This one fit a hole in the Frankenset.  
#369, I want to have cards representing every year of Topps from 1957 on in the Frankenset.  This 1966 card fits nicely.  Plus it represents a defunct franchise.  

The Frankenset Page is updated.


Chris said...

That was a wonderful thing you did for Night Owl, and it's great to see Ron Cey follow through.

defgav said...

Cey doesn't seem to add a uniform number when he signs his Cubs cards, only his Dodgers cards.

Fuji said...

I wonder why he doesn't add his number when hey signs Cubs cards. And I wonder if he adds it when he signs his 1987 Topps Traded or 1987 OPC cards that feature him with the Athletics.