Friday, July 19, 2019

Frankenset Update 7.19.19

#102, Gail Goodrich one of my all time favorite basketball players bumps Rymer Liriano of the Padres.
#157, Roger Craig of the 49er's bumps Danny Brewer of the Yankees.
#179, Dan Fouts, who I remember seeing live as a college QB at the U of O in the 70's.
#221, Chris Cota, Manager of the Ridgefield Raptors in the West Coast League, a college wood bat league in Oregon in Washington.  He started talking to me as I sat in a special section for Veterans at a Portland Pickles game.  I made this card and found the next card of him on eBay, he has two minor league cards and has been the coach at College of the Canyons for the last twenty years.
#302, Chris Cota, Daytona Beach Admirals
#370 Ron Cey, can't have too many cards of Night Owls favorite player.
#377 Charlie Joiner one of Dan Fouts targets with the Chargers.
#391 Joe Theismann.  I will never forget seeing his broken leg on TV or realize he was dating Cathy Lee Crosby.
#396 Gary Green.  1985 Olympic Baseball player and former Padre
#578 Dave Tomlin, former Padre
#579 Oliver Barnett, Atlanta Falcons
#580 Bert Campaneris, Bert rode in my great uncles Model T Ford in the A's championship parades and George always pointed to the scratch in the fender that Bert made with the taps on his shoes. 
Bert finishes what is the last page of the Frankenset.  I am at 42% complete.

The Frankenset page is updated.  

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