Monday, July 1, 2019

Padrographs #12 & #13

I don't have any new Padrographs to share with you.  I have started scanning my alphabetical binders of Padrographs.  These are the next two signed cards after Shawn Abner.  Ed Acosta played for the Pirates in 1970 and the Padres in 1971 and '72.  He had originally been signed by Houston before the 1967 season.  The Pirates traded Ed and Johnny Jeter to the Padres for Bob Miller.  He currently lives in Mission Viejo, California.  Mike Adams came to the Padres in a trade with the Indians for Brian Sikorski.  He pitched mostly in middle relief for the Padres until he was traded to the Rangers in 2011 for Robbie Erlin and Joe Wieland.  I got the Acosta on eBay and the Adams through the mail c/o the team.  They were arbitrarily assigned the numbers 12 & 13 in the Padrograph index.   

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Fuji said...

I just realized how nice the 1972 Topps set looks signed. Might need to add that to my eBay search list.