Saturday, July 27, 2019

Autograph Frankenset Update

#43, Richard Petty.  Who better to fill the 43 spot than the King of Nascar, Richard Petty.  Petty drove the STP #43 car in Nascar for years.
#46 Rocky Bleier before I adopted the Seahawks as my team I remember just following cool players.  Bleier served in Vietnam for two years and took shrapnel in his thigh and lost part of his right foot.  He was told he would never play football again, but came back and played on 4 Super Bowl Steelers teams.
#53 Alan Benes, may as well have Andy Benes brother Alan as part of the Frankenset.
#72 Robert Parrish, as a Laker fan I always respected several of the Celtics including the Chief.
#136 Kip Wells, I was trying to add Kip Wells and sent this custom card to him on January 31 and it came back today.
#178 Emerson Boozer, I always remember watching Emerson Boozer during the '70's and chuckling at his name.
#233 Gary Garrison. I built the 1969 football set a few years back because it is the only set with Brian Piccolo in it.  
#575 Rocky Bleier, see #46 above
#576 Lee Trevino, Lee was the first Pro Golfer I remember hearing about and actively following

The Frankenset page has been updated and my want list has the card  numbers I still need.  I will work a trade with you.

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Fuji said...

After reading your writeup on Bleier, I kinda want to add his autograph to my collection. He's a real American hero.