Friday, June 28, 2019

Frankenset Update

#38 Cody Reed is now a pitcher for the Reds in his fourth year in the majors.
#39 Casey Meisner drafted by the Mets, now with the Giants after having gone through a  couple of other organizations.  Never higher than AA
#49 Patrick Leonard, playing at AA Biloxi in the Brewers organization after spending several years in the Tampa system and one year in the White Sox.
#54 Tyler Danish pitched for the White Sox for three years and is now playing independent ball.
#65 Christian Binford, after bouncing around in the minors for years he is now playing for the Kansas City T Bones
#71 Daniel Gossett pitched for Oakland in 2017 & 2018 and doesn't appear anywhere this year.

#80 Ricardo Bautista doesn't appear to be playing since playing in Winter League in 2017-2018
#81 Gabriel Encinas was seen pitching for Tijuna in 2017
#87 Jordan Barnes played three years (2013-15) in the Gulf Coast League
#88 Tyler Kinley is currently pitching for the Marlins
#97 Patrick Kivlehan has played for the Padres, Reds and D'backs and is currently in the Jays system.
#110 Bruce Irvin is currently signed to a one year contract with the Panthers for 2019.

#117 Edwin Escobar pitched for the Red Sox and D'backs and has been pitching in Japan since 2017
#118 Onelki Garcia pitched for the Dodgers in 2013 and the Royals in 2017 and gone.
#123 Stryker Trahan has not played anywhere since 2016
#128 Brock Huard played in the NFL from 1999-2004 with the Seahawks and Colts.  Now he host the Seattle pregame shows.
#131 Amara Darboh has been with the Seahawks for several years
#132 Shane Zeile is the nephew of Todd Zeile.  He hasn't played anywhere since 2017.

#144 C.J. Edwards is currently pitching for the Cubs as Carl Edwards, Jr. 
#158 Tyrone Taylor has been in the Brewers system since 2012, he progressed as  high as AAA but is currently playing Rookie League ball
#165 Carlos Tocci is currently playing for the Rangers
#167 Larry Colton is the only major league pitcher ever nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.  He was nominated for his book, Counting Coup, a year in the life of a women's high school basketball team on a reservation.  Larry founded a Portland book festival called Wordstock, he and I have become friends.  He will sign things for me, when I see him.  He is a first rate author.
#168 Frank Peters, played in the minor leagues, managed the Portland Mavericks and had a restaurant in Portland for years.  I have met him a couple of times.
#169 Larry Colton, you can read all about him a few lines up.
#173 Nestor Molina is currently pitching in Mexico
#174 Rafel DePaula I am unable to find any information on.
#183 Drew Streckenrider has pitched for the last three years for the Marlins
#184 Austin Schotts has not played at any level since 2015
#185 Joan Gregorio played last year for the Giants AZL team
#201 Tom Murphy is currently with the Mariners after spending the last four seasons with the Rockies 
#192 Cody Asche.  I skipped him when I was assembling these.  Played five major league seasons for the Phils and ChiSox and is currently at AA for the BoSox
#213 Jorge Alfaro is currently catching for the Marlins after three seasons with the Phillies.
#219 Keury De La Cruz is currently playing in an independent league.

The Frankenset page is updated.

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Fuji said...

You have the coolest friends. I'm learning some really cool baseball trivia today from everyone's card blogs. Earlier this morning, I learned that MLB's first diamond vision was constructed at Dodger Stadium. Now I've learned that the only MLB player ever nominated for the Pulitzer Prize is Mr. Colton. Very cool stuff.