Thursday, June 6, 2019


From 1990-1995 I worked at Baseball Cards and More full time.  For a couple of years  before that I had worked for Randy part time especially around the holidays.   In 1996 I decided to move to the other card shop on the East Side of Portland, Portland Sports Cards. After two years there I went back to college and had to change jobs because the I couldn't work my schedule at the shop around my classes.  We bought a house a couple of miles  away from Baseball Cards and More in 2007, so I started going in and seeing Randy.  It was always fun to go and try and find things in the exceptionally cluttered store.  Randy seemed to know where everything was though.  He was always willing to try and find something, he wasn't a computer user much, so I would tell him about products I had heard about and he would try and get them.  He predicted back in the late 90's that Topps was going to try and market and sell directly to consumers.  He was right.  
On December 30 some one went into the shop and Randy was sitting in his chair where he sometimes fell asleep and he had passed away.  I made these and gave most of them to Randy's family and then we had a second run that we sold at card shows in Portland to raise money for Randy's family.


defgav said...

Nice tribute. I kick myself that I never made it over to his shop when I had the chance.

Fuji said...

That was really cool of you to design a custom card for this gentleman and help raise money for the family. I'm not surprised though. You're always going out of your way to offer me and my students things. You're a class act buddy.

Bulldog said...

Sad news. Good story and great job raising money for the family.