Sunday, June 9, 2019

#Throwback Thursday but on a Sunday

Remember those Fleer Cards that were two cards put when you put them next to each other they made one picture.  Well recently I found a picture of Padres broadcasters Don Orsillo and Mark Grant and made a couple of cards of them.  I got them back last week.  Orsillo signed his and sent them back.  It took an extra day to get Mark Grants back.  I sent it to his home but evidently he took it to work with him and had Don Orsillo sign the combined card.  

 On the left is the card Don Orsillo signed and sent back.  On the right is the one Mud signed back and below is the one that came back with a nice note from Mark Grant thanking me for the cards.

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Bulldog said...

Cool cards. I'd never seen these before.