Thursday, November 10, 2011


I sent out some more packages for the GIVEAWAY tonight.  I sent out packages to The Lost Collector, Capewood Collections, O No Another Orioles Blog, Tomahawk Chopping, Play at the Plate, Dinged Corners, and Fan of the Reds.

There are still a few teams that I don't have trade partners for.  If you know someone who collects one of these teams let me know.  The FLORIDA MARLINS, WHITE SOX, OAKLAND A'S, WASHINGTON NATIONALS, MILWAUKEE BREWERS, SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS, TORONTO BLUE JAYS and the COLORADO ROCKIES.


Potch said...

Hello there. I just found your fine blog.

I collect the Tigers (as well as the White Sox circa 1999-2005 - when I had regular tix there). But I won't be greedy - just Tigers would be swell.

The Lost Collector said...

Looking forward to receiving the cards, thanks!

I can help a little. I'm sure there are more, but these are just a few I know:

White Sox:
Blue Jays:

Mark Aubrey said...

I'd like to claim the Diamondbacks for my father. I'll drop an email with contact info. Thanks.

zman40 said...

Rod- I got your package yesterday. As always, it was great. I really appreciate it!!

Hope you are having a good Veteran's Day!

Thanks, again.

The Angels In Order said...

Got the Angels - THANKS!

Do you need these IP autographs I have?
Josh Banks 08T
Doug Brocail 93T
Freddy Guzman 05D

Play at the Plate said...

Got your package today. Very generous Rod! Thanks so much...

Jeff Laws said...

Thanks AJ for the plug, and thank you Rod for the cards. They were awesome.