Monday, November 7, 2011

The Giveaway has commenced

I have sorted through my extra cards from this year and divided them up by team.  So far I have mailed out cards to Night Owl, Justin's World, Cards on Cards, Angels in Order, The Troll, Autographed Cards, Wrigley Wax, and GCRL.  I have a few more packages ready to go, but there are some teams that I don't have anyone to send them to.  If you want one of the following teams email me your address at padrographs at live dot com.  First person to claim a team will get the cards, no trading just me giving you cards.  Here are the teams still available.

White Sox
Blue Jays

Next up will be some MacFarlane figures. 


Doc said...

No extra Padres? Gee, I wonder who got those. :-)

Stealing Home said...

hey there - i know you're in the process of giving away cards n stuff - you might not want more...but in the interest of sharing cards to another collector who might want them...i'm offering my padres cards to you. some old, some new.
you can get a quick look at them over at my blog: (theres 2 posts)

if you want them, just let me know. i'll be happy to send them to a padre home.