Saturday, November 19, 2011


I only have three teams left to give away. The San Francisco Giants, Oakland A's and the Florida Marlins.   I know these are all old logos, but I like them (except for the one below).  Most of the cards in the 50 card packages are from this past year.  I do not want to trade, I just know someone would appreciate them more than me and I don't want to give them to Goodwill.  If you want one of these three teams email me at Padrographs at live dot com. There will be some things coming up that other Padres fans may want.  Next week will be some MacFarlane action figures.  


Anonymous said...

I'' take the Marlins and A's if thats ok

Offy said...

I've got some Chrome team sets set aside for you and wanted to check on some other things to see if you'd be interested in any of them. Drop me an email at offy @ sportssyzygy . com if you're still interested.