Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Glasses and Fu Manchu

Mark Linden Lee pitched for four years in the major leagues from 1978-1981.  He may have worn the most stylish pair of glasses ever in the major leagues. 
He was traded to the Pirates along with Kurt Bevacqua for Rick Lancelotti and Luis Salazar.  Bevacqua and Salazar had to be two of the most traveled Padres as they both were traded away and then traded for a couple of times. I bought the card on line. Joseph Henry Lefebvre played 6 years in the majors, starting with the Yankees for a year, then playing for 2.5 seasons in San Diego before being traded to the Phillies for Sid Monge.  Lefebrve finished his career in Philadelphia, where he made it to the World Series in 1983.  I think I got the card signed through the mail

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Orioles Magic said...

Mark's glasses are really amazing.