Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not a Player, but an important Padre

This is one of the first Padrographs that I ever obtained. The thing I remember about it is, that it was signed in ballpoint pen and I in my early ignorance thought it would look better in Sharpie.  So I broke a cardinal rule and traced over the signature with a black sharpie.  Ray Kroc changed the face of America, when he opened McDonalds' restaurants and he saved baseball in San Diego when he bought the Padres and kept them from becoming the Washington Stars.  I actually saw a picture of the uniforms for the Washington team, not an improvement over the Padres brown uniforms.  There are many of the Family Fun Center postcards available.


night owl said...

I'd love to see what those uniforms looked like.

gcrl said...

that's awesome. i would love to have peter o'malley's auto. frank mccourt, not so much and rupert murdoch's - never.